Extreme FunThe Possibilities Are Endless!

If you're looking for a bit of adventure during your summer, Sacajawea Day Camp has some great "extreme" activities that campers love. Unlike other camps, those of all ages have the opportunity to participate in all these activities.


You haven't seen a look of pure joy until you've seen a young camper launch themselves off our zip line platform. Safely harnessed in, they fly through the woods feeling the wind as they watch the trees go by. Adventurous campers even have the option to zip blindfolded. Regardless of age, a trained counselor is stationed at both the launching and landing platforms.

Climbing Wall

Our outdoor climbing wall offers a true climbing experience in a safe environment. All climbers are fully harnessed and two counselors ensure their safety as they climb. This activity is for all ages and all levels of ability.


All campers have the opportunity to try their hand at using a bow and arrow. They learn tips about shooting style and form, and work to improve their aim. In addition to learning basic archery, safety rules and range etiquette, they also have the opportunity to participate in special tournaments. These could include aiming at balloons or archery tic-tac-toe.

Challenge Course

Through our challenge course, campers develop, enhance, and promote their ability to work in teams through interactive obstacles. The challenge course features a low ropes course and several ground activities to enhance leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

Why Sacajawea?


Sacajawea Day Camp is a lot of fun. But, it's fun with a purpose. Through camp, children are exposed to ideas and information that will make a difference for the rest of their lives. It also teaches three basic, yet important skills.


Camp is a community unlike any other. Together, in what begins as an unfamiliar setting, campers find the courage within themselves to meet new people, make new friends, and bond together. Thereafter, camp becomes both familiar and comfortable; it's now the place they want to be.  As they make choices and direct projects, girls learn to work well with others, become self-reliant, and develop their leadership skills.


For many campers, Sacajawea Day Camp is their first experience away from parents, away from home, and away from familiarity - even if only for a day. Camp becomes their safe haven, where they unleash their unlimited potential, and where they develop the confidence they need to face any challenge.


Camp is the ultimate character-building experience. It is a safe place to learn individual responsibility, to become empowered and to take care of oneself. Though camp counselors certainly provide structure, guidance, and supervision, a camper is responsible for her actions throughout the day, while assuming responsibility for personal belongings and making budget conscious decisions at the camp store, often for the very first time.