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Make A Difference


As a counselor at Sacajawea Day Camp, you are a role model, friend, instructor and hero to campers aged 3-15 years. Your responsibilities include overall supervision of your campers, while ensuring their well-being and safety as they enjoy a fun and rewarding summer.

Work Hours and Responsibilities

Being a camp counselor may be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding jobs you’ll ever experience. A counselor’s responsibility to their campers is a full-time job. Not only must you act as the adult role model, you must also be ready to observe and act on camper interactions, help plan special events, mediate issues between campers, and ensure that your campers have a fantastic summer.

Work Assignments

Depending upon where you're assigned, you will lead or assist our campers with their daily activities. Your willingness to try everything and anything will be a great asset.

The skills and knowledge you have obtained through school and your personal interests will serve to complement the training you will receive when you become a member of our staff.  Please include a list of all your skills when you apply. Remember - If you want others to think that being a camp counselor is a real job, you must treat it like a real job.