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Every day is a Holiday

June 21-25

It's a jolly holiday every day this week at camp! Celebrate some of your favorite holidays whether they are during the summer or even the winter -- Halloween, New Year's, Thanksgiving, you name it!

Lost City of Atlantis

June 28 – July 2

Journey into the deep blue waters of the lost city of Atlantis and explore the unknown mythical creatures that live there. Channel your inner merperson and join us for a week of wonder!

Down on the Farm

July 6-9*

Get back to your nature roots during a week of animal exploration. Campers will learn about animals in nature and even get to experience a petting zoo!

Wacky World of Willy Wonka

July 12-16

There's no telling what you will run into during this week of wacky activities! Bring your golden ticket for a week filled with silliness and curisoity as we tour through the creative mind of Willy Wonka.

The Wonderful World of Sacajawea

July 19-23

Come wish upon a star as Sacajawea is transformed into Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Whether you are a Snow White, a Tiana, or Malicifent, you can't miss these classic and modern Disney stories come to life!

Renaissance Faire

July 26-30

Fairies, queens, kings, and unicorns adorn the woods for our very own Ren Faire! Become the character you have always wanted to be and travel to the past in majestic fashion.

Legends of the Sacajawea Temple

August 2-6

Camp will be filled with lost treasures protected by Sacajawea's guardians. Venture into camp to investiagte during a week of mystery and obstacles -- will you prevail?

Animation Invasion

August 9-13

Jinkies! Sacajawea has been taken over by animated characters from tv, movies, and comic books. Help us take our camp back from the antics of the animations!

Sacajawea Fun Fair

August 16-20

Live it up for our final week of the summer! Each day will have a camp spirit theme to help us celebrate a great camp season. We may enjoy a waterslide, obstacle course, and so much more for our final day of camp!