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Exclusive to Basic Camp: Girls in kindergarten through eighth grade will earn exclusive Girl Scout badges to place on their uniforms and wear all year round.

Everyday is a
Week One: June 21-25

Daisy:      Rosie: Make The World A Better Place - Light Pink Petal

Brownie:  Senses

Junior:     Gardener

Cadette:  Field Day

Lost City of

Week Two: June 28 - July 3

Daisy:      Clover: Use Resources Wisely - Green Petal

Brownie:  Bugs

Junior:     Animal Habitats

Cadette:  Animal Helpers

Down on the Farm

Week Three: July 5-9

Daisy:      Gloria: Respect Myself and Others - Purple Petal

Brownie:  Eco Friend

Junior:     Eco Camper

Cadette:  Eco Trekker

Wacky World of
Willy Wonka

Week Four: July 12-16

Daisy:      Sunny: Friendly and Helpful - Yellow Petal

Brownie:  Making Games

Junior:     Drawing

Cadette:  Outdoor Art Apprentice

The Wonderful
World of

Week Five: July 19-23

Daisy:      Tula: Courageous and Strong - Red Petal

Brownie:  Fling Flyer Design Challenge

Junior:     Musician

Cadette:  Finding Common Ground



Week Six: July 26-30

Daisy:      Mari: Responsible for What I Say and Do - Orange Petal

Brownie:  Making Friends

Junior:     Jeweler

Cadette:  Science of Happiness

Legends of the
Sacajawea Temple

Week Seven: August 2-6

Daisy:      Gerri: Respect Authority - Pink Petal

Brownie:  Dancer

Junior:     Playing the Past

Cadette:  Trailblazing



Week Eight: August 9-13

Daisy:      Lupe: Honest and Fair - Light Blue Petal

Brownie:  Fair Play

Junior:     Outdoor Art Explorer

Cadette:  Screenwriter


Fun Fair

Week Nine: August 16-20

Daisy:      Vi: Be A Sister to Every Girl Scout - Violet Petal

Brownie:  Outdoor Art Creator

Junior:     Flowers

Cadette:  Cadette Girl Scout Way